Wilderness Hexplore (Revised)

This is a repost of my original post on the NY Redbox forum from August 2011, when I published Wilderness Hexplore for the first time.

Stargate by Paul Lehr

Stargate by Paul Lehr

So I got interested in generating hex maps after reading these posts by Green Goat, and also these posts over at Welsh Piper. But I am basically a lazy DM who doesn't want to do any prep work at all. So I have been futzing around with the Judges Guild Tables to make a set of rules to generate a hex map on the fly as the players stomp around the map. As par tof this I ended up transcribing/rewriting a bunch of the JG tables into the document, mostly just to collect them all into one place. So it is definitely for personal use only.

I welcome feedback from anyone who wants to test it out, especially any of the parts that are confusing unclear.

Wilderness Hexploration Document (1.4MB PDF)

It is formatted to be printed out double sided, and 3-hole punched to put into a binder.
Also here is a Hex Map sheet to be filled out by the party:

Regional Hex Map (87KB PDF)


Heraldry Book ( 630KB PDF)

An interpretation of the random heraldry tables from the Village Book II.