Seeing my shadow

Well the holidays are over, and the new apartment is moved into, so I am on the verge of getting back into this whole having a life thing again. (once I am unpacked- so perhaps late spring...?) The new pad is not physically far from the old brownstone, but is a century forward in creature comforts. (such as a dishwasher) And probably a sure sign of getting old is the fact that the biggest thrill of the new kitchen is having sufficient cabinet space. (my sister gleefully pointed out the numerous similarities between my new apartment and the one in "Barefoot in the Park", but at least there is no holes in the skylight. :)

And to add the true stamp of geek to the new place, between my roomate and I, we have 4 differnt game consoles, and 7 computers. Wirelessly networked, natch.

Kind of bummed about how the Democratic primaries are playing out. I guess this is a rebuilding year.

As much as I dig Peter Jackson (finally) getting an Oscar, I kind of want it to go to Sophia Coppola for Lost in Translation. Jackson made New Line like a billion dollars, which in Hollywood is worth a truckload of statues. Sophia could sure use the Legitimacy. (also appearently no American woman has won Best Director before.)