Yale Medicine

The Yale School of Medicine was founded in 1810, and over the last 200 years it has become one of the largest academic group practices in the United States. Around 2012 Adoptive began working with them to redesign their branding, and make it a cohesive and easily understandable experience across their 100+ departments, sections, programs and centers. In 2016 their clinical division was rebranded as Yale Medicine, and a standardized naming convention was applied across the organization.

The Ask

The objective was to design a responsive website to support the new brand identity and create a patient-focused experience. Key user journeys were identified as needing to offer potential patients an easy route to learn about conditions, treatments and procedures, as well as provide all the information they needed before making an appointment with a specialist.  Additionally there was a need for a revised and enhanced CMS to support a robust content strategy, as well as a intranet to facilitate staff accreditation and involvement in promoting the brand.


Yale Medicine Redesigned home page composition

The Approach

The initial discovery phase involved user research into mindset of past and potential patients. Task ordering, pain points, and expected functionality were all referenced in the design approach. A key feature of the design was building the site around a knowledge base of several thousand conditions and medical terms that could be natural search optimized, and direct visitor visitors to a relevant doctor’s profile.


Interviews found that the two most crucial questions potential patients had were: “Does Yale Medicine take my insurance” and “Which of my doctor options is located closest to me.”.  

A common theme found among users of clinical sites was frustration with a site that relied on unfamiliar medical terminology. So simplicity and removing patient-irrelevant content from the site established the keystone of the design.



The new YaleMedicine.org site is expected to launch Q4 of 2016, providing patients detailed-information the organization and its 1,200 specialists as well as patient friendly information on over six thousand conditions, treatments and procedures.

Yale Medicine High Level Site Map

Yale Medicine High Level Site Map

Team and Tools

I worked in conjunction with a Jr. UX designer on the Public facing site developing wireframes and a functional specification wiki (Confluence). We collaborated closely with design and the developers in a Scrum methodology, extensively using Jira and Slack to nimbly respond to specification clarifications and experience revisions.  We used Adobe Suite, Sketch, and InVision for the design, prototyping, testing and presentation assets.