Who am I?

I am a NYC-based User Experience Designer, who has spent over a decade solving knotty problems for major brands. Also a dad and a bit of a geeky swot.


What do I do?

A lot of things, really. I personally view the UX role as the squishy mortar between the 'bricks' of clients, creatives, technology, and users. Almost every project requires a different mix of UX skills.
Mostly I try to ask tricky questions, understand where things can break, help brainstorm the cool idea, build things, test things, drink a lot of coffee.


What I have been up to?

Here is some of my recent engagements, tagged with what I actually did for the project.


Most recently:

Designing an educational site for young children.

I have been working directly with stakeholders and subject matter experts to develop a learning experience that meets the requirements for a fun, useful and secure site.

Status: Under Development


Updating a publishers web presence

I have been developing a new branded site experience to improve response rates.

Status: Under Development


Immersive VR experience addressing a specific social issue.

I worked closely with the creative and development teams to map a complete end to end experience, visitor queue management, and identify key touch points for messaging.

Status: Under NDA


(Within 12 mo.)

B2B / B2C Product Configurator for Stanley Black & Decker

Performed research into products, end users, sales teams to determine a key feature set for a new configurator for SBD's metal storage cabinet business across six brands.

Status: Under Development


Promotional VR Game

I developed a VR game experience as part of a pitch for a convention booth experience.

Status: Under NDA



Patient-focused portal redesign

For this project we merged three sites into a single patient focused portal for a major health care provider. My small UX team performed extensive research and analysis on patient pain points, and delivered wireframes for a new seamless experience.

Status: Under NDA



Space Opera Game Book

As a personal project I wrote and self-published a procedural space cartography book for table top RPGs.

Visit: Interstellar Overthruster



BMW North America site redesign

Over the course of 3 years I lead a team redesigning the BMW of North America digital marketing experience.

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Icons created by by Romzicon, Dinosoft Labs, Pieter J. Smits, Bharat, and Chanut is Industries via the Noun Project, and are licensed under CC BY 3.0