OD&D Alignment Chart

The Character Alignment, Including Various Monsters and Creatures chart in the Men & Magic Book I seems unnecessarily confusing to me.  It is a set of three lists of races & creatures, one for LAWFUL, one for NEUTRAL, and one for CHAOTIC.  Additionally many creatures appear on more then one list (to indicate that you can find examples from multiple alignments.)  So creatures that appear on both the Lawful and Neutral list get an asterisk, and those that appear on both the Chaotic and Neutral list are underlined.  Three of these have both an asterisk AND are underlined, since they appear on all three lists.  Confusing, what?

So I made a sort of Venn Diagram to show the breakdown, and also not have any monster's name appear more the once.  Let me know if this is more or less confusing.