Sorry for the delay in posting - Almost a month. But I think my excuse of going to Seattle/Vancouver & starting grad school is a darn good one.

Seattle is mighty keen, but heavy on the lakes and freeways. Got to check out Microsoft's main campus, and aside from my endless comments about Windows Brain chips, it was actually cool. I am destined to be an odd ball- a designer who prefers PC to Macs. Well, despite that I did get a Mac laptop two weeks ago, and it is might sweet. I really like OSX- perhaps because it uses file extensions like god intended. I realized that the previous Apple machine I owned was an Apple IIe, so I completely skipped over that little "unpleasant" 20 year period where Macs didn't use file extensions. Actually though, the OS and the Apps are really well thought out- and I am a sucker for good design. Plus the Airport card is a hoot- automatically figures its setting out when I am on campus.

Starting the MFA in Design & Technology @ Parsons has been an experience- mostly because I caught the flu on the first day, and also found out that I needed to change all of my classes around, and also had not received the emails telling me about the orientation meetings. So Grad school started as a bizarre surreal Kafka-esq experience as I ran around lost in a feverish haze seeking signatures on incomprehensible forms. oy.

But Now that I have gotten settled in, I have met some really great people, and my classes look to be quite interesting. Now about this crushing workload, on top of my freelance work. again, oy.

Kung Hey Fat Choi (Happy Chinese New Year)