Sorry for the silence. I had my friend Lilia visiting from Brazil for two weeks, (Happy Birthday Lilia!) followed in short order by my sister, and then my friend Sarah crashed on my couch for a couple of days before heading off to London and points east. It was fantastically wonderful to see all of them, and I just wish their visits had not fallen over the beginning of my thesis year, so I could have done more. Both seem to have landed in the Olde Country and not surprisingly are doing quite well, being both hideously well traveled.

Also props to Bill & Jody who are with child, as they say. Actually it is more accurate that Jody is with child, and Bill is with a cranky and nauseous Jody. But I am sure Jody will pull off this whole mother thing with panache. ...and a fair bit of bitching, but still a whole lot of panache.

In other news, I got into the Xbox Live Beta program, and have been able to play online with some beta games. There are some bugs, with the service, but when you do get into a game, it is generally rock solid, and the voice communicator is way cool. I highly recommend getting an Xbox if only for the online play.

I have made a pigLatin translator in flash. You can check it out here. You will need the flash6 plugin for it to work properly.

Also Ian has a site up for his student film The Palace of Broken Glass, which looks to be mighty ian-riffic, if you are familure with his work at all.