'ello again

So I made it though my birthday rather well this year- had a fun and adventurous dinner with good friends, (almost all of whom are members of the Duck Mafia) and made out like a mad man in the presents department... I have an irrational belief that there is a independent authority that measures your performance each year, and sets limits on the material goods you get on the birthday; without going into specifics I feel like there was a computer error somewhere along the line. And somehow my craven advertising of my amazon wishlist (see below) seems to have not been a factor…

A big score is a that my sister ordered for me a DVD set of the Magic Monkey show, 70s TV series based on the Journey to the West novel- think Shaw brothers kung-fu crossed with Sid and Marty Kroft, and you are getting close. Since it is only out in the UK, it is a Region 2 PAL set of discs, so I now have a golden reason to get that multiregion/format DVD player. But for now I can watch it on my computer. Also check out this chinese theme park based on the book- nifty!

I also got a stack of Footrot Flat comics, possibly NZ's best export not named Haya, or involve Peter Jackson. Lilia sent me an antique fountan pen, and a Lupin the 3rd DVD (among other things) I would go on, but I would hate to veer into bragging territory, (*cough* ticket to see Interpol *cough*) so I will leave it there. The Doraemon showercap was certainly unexpected though.

The birthday dinner was at the Yakitori Canteen, which is literally around the corner from my pad, and a fun little joint. (owned by the same people who opened the sushi place Nana on 5th ave.) Had a huge variety of tasty things to share, although I think the grilled eel really stuck out. Then at the end of the evening, they came out with a platter of fruit sushi with a candle... ^_^ I will post a link to pictures when they are available.