::cough:: hack ::cough::

Well, I am somewhat miserable with a summer cold at the moment. Full of phlem and have a gravelly voice like Lance Hendrickson. So I thought I would give a quick gaming report.

I have not been playing much in the way of console games for several months now. I think WoW came along and snacked on all my free time, and when I burned out on that, there was not much out to grab my interest. So I have been mostly playing on the GBA on the subway. I am 95% of the way through the new Zelda game, which is great. I am kind of stuck getting to the final boss level, so I am giving that a rest. Instead I have pulled out my much loved copy of Mario Golf, and am trying to pick up and finish the story mode. Since I play on the subway, I think I am actually getting pretty good, being as the rocking and braking on the train is a fair handicap.

So I am looking at the New GBA DS, and the PSP. Both are quite nice machines that do evoke my old enemy- gadget lust. But neither has any games out that I am fired up about. I am sure when a Must Have game comes out on either, I will quickly succumb to their allure. For the DS, it is either Harvest Moon, or Animal Crossing. A DS golf game has some nice possibilities, given the possibility of using the stylus as a input device. The problem I see with the DS, is that it still seems hard to hold, and on the subway, that is kind of important. When it comes to the PSP, Katamari Damancy would probably be a system seller to me. Also there are quite a few PS2 games that I missed playing, which I would be good this time around.