and now for the healing

So one of the things that annoy me the most about 9/11 was that it occurred on the first fresh cool day of fall after a very long and muggy summer. That Tuesday had amazingly clear blue skies. So much so, that after that on days with deep clear blue skies, I would get edgy, as part of me began tensing in anticipation of some new disaster.

But as I discovered last week, no longer.

I have been playing Animal Crossing for the DS quite a bit since I got it back in December. And one of the things that happen in Animal Crossing is that when certain conditions are right, (namely a clear blue sky) a present will float across the screen, hanging from a red balloon. In the game, at that point you have to race to get under it, and shoot it down before it drifts off screen.

Walking to work last week, I noticed the sky was a brilliant blue wile walking through Times Square, and caught myself looking up for present bearing balloons instinctually.

You Rock, Nintendo.