So as you can tell, I am starting off the year with a new design for the site. This is an effort to a) get away from the green that has dominated this site for the last 3+ years, and b) restructure the site to be more in alignment with the funky ways I seem to be using my webspace. (form follows funkiness) and c) to upgrade to Movable Type, and get some enthusiasm for blogging back. We will see how the 3rd part works out.

I am still futzing around with the templates, so try to ignore the fact that the blog archive pages still have the default template. (its very... blue.) And don't get to worked up about how the left nav is obtuse. it will make sense after a while, or it won't. And finally some of the links to older content that have now been bubbled up may not have built in back navigation, so remember you do have a back button on your browser, and you will probably need it. ^_^

Cheers, and feel free to comment with what you think about this revision.

Also, have a fantastic 2007!