Back on the horse

I could start this post off about how I have been bad and have not posted in a while, but it has been observed that 90% of all blog posts start with a variation of that line. So I am assuming that that is inherent in the nature of a blog, and can be assumed from now on.

Summer has hit Brooklyn, and it looks amazing. Our building faced north, so it is always has the sun behind it, except for this time of the year when the days are really long, and the sun hits it from the side in the mornings. I ran out today to pick up a couple of things, and on my way back I did not recognize it. (to be fair it is in the middle of a block of identical brownstones.) will try to get a picture the morning of the solstice.

New job is going great, but pretty stressful. got some new projects cooking finally with the press, that I'll try to detail shortly.