Summer's Over!

Yay, this means its time to blog again.

Actually, Summer heat in NYC is so oppressive, I tend to spend 3 months the year just being a slug, and waiting for September to get here. Guess that means we should be living somewhere not so hot, since then i would get 1/4th of the year back.

Anyway, I think I have a bunch of things to post about, scribbled down on deli napkins, so I will get to those, as soon as I get them all sorted out.

The new apartment is working out well. The eternal construction is pretty noisy, and there is no end in sight. But the location is great, and the layout of the apartment is a little better. After almost 10 years, I am living in a flat that has a space for a kitchen table. So 2 weekends ago we trucked on out to Ikea and picked one up. Terribly useful things.