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This is a pretty good article:

Which kind of gets back to one of my thoughts that the media piracy (Albums, Movies, Books, News, etc) are all basically 'ideas' that can be sold.  They are commodities because of technology used to store them turned them into physical objects.  Without this storage technology, News is just gossip, novels & movies are just tales or plays, and albums are just music.  But of course they don't last- you have to be there to see and hear the performer to experience these things, and the performer had to hope that his tip jar would be full by the end of the evening.  So the ability to record them allows people who can't physically be there still experience these things.  And the records are now objects and can be sold like apples or bricks.  And since the tools and the skills to do this were hard to come by, there was an inherent scarcity that kept the price high.

Now we are in a world where these is less physicality- a man in Australia can play a song on a guitar in front of a webcam, and everyone anywhere who wants to can see it live.   The technology to record it is practically free and available to anyone.  So we are in a phase where the people who have a vested interest in the old models are fighting tooth and nail to keep the status quo.  But there seems to be an even older model that we are naturally gravitating toward.