Simplicity is the best policy

After a long gap, I am trying something new.  Blog posts ripping on blog posts that try to explain a lack of blog posts is sooo 2005, (and really too meta.) 

(...Also the term meta is pretty stale, come to think of it.  I need some new writers.)

Anyway, clearly my grand design of a information hub with multiple topical blogs was a pretty mad Fitzcarraldo kind of idea.  Especially since it was a complete snub of tagging/lable systems.  But the upshot was that all of that was moot, since Facebook came along and offered a simple and easy way to scratch the blogging itch.  Now Twitter has come along and like crack is to cocaine, offers an even purer buzz.  (but is 140 characters enough for the ego?)

In anycase, I am going to try to get refocused on what this site is, (discovering that is sort of the site's mission statement.) and not let the structure distract me.  Squarespace seems like a pretty liquid attitude toward a site, so we'll see how this works.