yargh. 4 months without an update. I am not so good at this talking thing, ne?

OK, I am deep in the middle of Summer School right now. I am taking Intro to Digital Video, Wearable Computing Collaberation Studio, and the Broadcast Major Studio. Between that, work, the heat, and staying up all hours to watch the World Cup, I am hurting deeply. I don't even reply anymore when people comment on my bloodshot eyes. Ah, well- if I had not wanted to live in Pain, then I would not have gone to Grad School.

My fav class so far is DV. Final Cut Pro is just fun to use, and makes me really want to shellout and get a DV camera of my own. Animation class is pretty tough- I am glad I didn't take any animation classes at the UO. I think it is something best left to the professionals. Saw Lilo & Stitch- uber-cute Disney fare. erratic schmaltzy plot, but fun. It is really just the pilot for their new TV series though.

For the month of August I will be teaching Bootcampers at Parsons ActionScripting. That will be cool; I like ranting about stuff like that. Having a captive audience is just gravy.

For a guy who has 8+ cameras, you would think it would take me less then 6 months to finish a 24 exposure roll. Well, I will get those photos from the first half of 2002 up soonish.

My beverage of choice today (7-up) declares to me "NO PUR. NEC." in its contest rules. Is that supposed to be hip street slang in the bottling industry? Very odd.