I have finished some final tweaks on my portfolio. The QuickTimes are working properly, the Flash examples are now working, and I have improved the descriptions. Had a very nice Thanksgiving, and rolling on into the Xmas season.

Went in to my corner coffee shop the other morning (the Flying Saucer here in Brooklyn) and in the process of asking the counter girl for a Latte, I yawned in the middle, causing it to come out rather strangely. So much so, she made a comment about me speaking "wookie", which was very entertaining. I asked her if she was familure with the Chewbacca song from the Clerks soundtrack, which I happen to have on my MP3 player. She said 'of course,' and went on to tell me about how back when she was in Jersey she was one of the Foley artists who did the sound effects for Clerks. nice.