Pre-independence day, and it is bloody hot around here. It is supposed to get up to 105° in the city today. ik.

Just figured I would toss out some sites to check out, since I purposely don't have a links page. First off, everyone I know should spend time over at the Booth. It is good for both reading about films, and laughing at the kinds of idiots that like to analyze them. But it is a great site run as a labor of love by my pal Scott. Otherwise I would recommend Coming Attractions, just for being able to read up on film in production. I also have taken to reading boingboing- it is an interesting mix of geek & news.

Laurie sent me a grab bag of music, and so I have been enjoying an old school mix of Metal & Punk on my 'phones. That, and I have been deep into Hindi music since going to see Indian Ocean play at the Paisley last weekend. I dig it— not out of some exoticism thing, but simply because the rhythm and melodies remind me of Bluegrass. (I must be missing Lex, if I am hearing bluegrass in hindi jams…) Most of the Hindi songs I have downloaded are either old Bollywood tunes, or techno remixes of old Bollywood tunes. Mixed in with Laurie’s thrasher music, has made for some interesting musical segues.