Exit Godbox

Well today is my last day at the Godbox, better known as the Inter Church Center. You might wonder what I am doing there- but I have been working for the last couple of months for a department of Columbia U. that rents their offices in this building. Its been an odd experience working in this huge, cubic, Cold War bastion of Christian thought. The high point was riding the elevator with Jesse Jackson… (who makes me feel short.) Will miss the people at this job, but not the 1+ hour commute to Harlem.

As far as what I have been doing this summer, you can check out my iffy Wearable Technology site, and also the Animation I made for Broadcast Design. (each has a couple megs of Quicktime to download, so dialup-ers beware.) I'm not super happy with either project, but they are done done done. Onward, as they say.

Monday I start teaching my class in programming. Should be interesting, Otherwise I will spend the next month trying to relax and iron out my thesis project, and figure out another part time or freelance job to pay the bills.