Not much to report lately. Teaching, and dealing with the dog days of August have been putting a damper on my sociability. Although today is actually cooler and sunny. When i walked out of my apartment, I was puzzled for a moment, until I identified the strange sensation as a cool breeze. its been a while since that's happened in this neck of the jungle.

Teaching has been going well, although I can't tell if I am going through the material too fast or too slow. This weekend, I did head out to central park with a friend to see cornershop play the summer stage. suffice it to say that everything that could go wrong did go wrong, but it was still fun anyway.

My sister had a successful phone interview with Herr Baker so she will be heading to Cologne to be a poor starving apprentice baker, which is pretty ambitious, considering that her German skills are pretty rudimentary. Needless to say, I will be heading over to visit over winter break.

Also yesterday in the mail, I received 2 packages. One was a copy of Asuka's BFA project; an interactive CD-ROM on the history of the Kimono. very cool, and very Asuka. The other was a package from Lilia, with an Autographed picture of Coffin Joe, and a CD of Brazilian psychedilia. Both came on my half birthday, which i am not thinking was an entire coincidence. (The half birthday is the day 6 months from your actual birthday. As someone whose birthday falls in the gray rainy winter season, I am a hearty supporter of the observation of half birthdays.)

hm. still need to think of a thesis idea in the next 3 weeks. crud.