Not Quite Dead yet…

Well yes it has been many months since there has been any activity around here. At first I was busy trying to finish my thesis, then I was busy trying to find a job. But most of the summer I was hanging out saving money and being unemployed. Not really the most interesting stuff to write about. (Also since my site had my portfolio on it, I had been pointing potential employers to it… , which makes it hard to post my usual rants.) But then finally I found a job, and since then I have been crazy busy, and have not had time to really hang out and get back into the blogging groove.

I will try and do better.

I have begun doing a cool volunteer thing for the ADC, early on Saturday mornings. Although helping innocent high schoolers embark upon a career in the soul crushing field of graphic design is a little troubling. But only a little.

I am kind of bummed about the Red Socks losing last night. But the proved themselves the exact equal of the Yankees, so in the world series I plan to see how the damn Yankees do, and assume that that is how the socks would have done. (I really don’t care about Baseball that much, bit living in NYC, it is hard to not get into it, since it is all anyone talks about these days…)

Really though, I still don’t have a lot to talk about yet. Or I have too much to write about all at once. It will take me a week or two to get caught up. But here are some of my recent favorite online reads, for the meantime.