Fall has… fallen

Well my new job has been keeping me busy, so I still have not written much. I was hired on as an associate producer at R/GA which has been a hoot so far. I have not been getting out to do stuff very much. I went to the DUMBO art festival this weekend, and aside from being rather cold, it was very cool. Plus I saw they opened a Bubby's in Brooklyn, which is good news. Mark Lin had his video installation up in a parking garage at the festival, which was pretty groovy. It acts sort of like a scanner, it that it gradually scans a space infront of the screen with a video camera. It got people out and jumping around, which was always fun to see.

I also saw the new Cohen Bros. film, which had a plot that kind of fizzled after act 2, but was very light and very funny at times, so am not too disappointed. At it I saw the trailer for the Tom Cruise historical epic, The Last Samurai, or as I like to call it, "Dances with Samurai"- you will see why. This week I am hopping on the bandwagon and going to see Kill Bill, which from the previews seems to have the same plot as Tekken. i.e. character kills a succession of heavies until she takes on the 'level boss' Bill. But I still have faith in QT's ability to turn genre conventions on it ear, so I will probably like it, despite Thurman + Liu.

But Beyond this season's geek smorgesbourg of film, I am pretty excited about Master & Commander, since I am a big fan of the Patrick O'Brian books. But then today I saw that in december A&E is coming out with more in the Hornblower miniseries. very exciting.