under re-construction

Hey there, notice anything different about this site?



I just rebuilt the template, so that it should look exactly the same, except now its not using frames. (you should not be able to see anything different)

I have no idea why I used frames before… Except I guess the idea of regenerating a WHOLE page every thing I wanted to change an entry seemed somehow…? wasteful? So having a frame set and only changing one frame seemed more proper somehow. Well it was a big headache, and was silly. Also the Flickr.com images to the right could not link out properly… So in the end I just needed to rebuild the whole thing.

Actually I am thinking that it is well past time for an overhaul of this whole site, and get some new bells and whistles on here, as well as better flash, and less of this pop-up business. Its soooo 2001… :sigh: Also I am thinking of perhaps going in a less green sort of direction. Let me know of you have any thoughts on that.

Life here is good. Had a new idea for adding content to this site. We will see if I follow up on it. Currently in full on xmas mode, and got some significant parts of the christmas shopping done today. Huzzah! I'm poor.

roommate is in Bangkok till the new year, and I have pieces of the printing press cluttering the floor in the apartment, for me to trip over in the dark. Will have to get those cleaned and oiled before the roommate returns, or there will be some sort of Buddhist hell to pay.

I have been voratiously reading the Judge Dee detective novels lately. Chicago Press has been reprinting them all of late, and they are cool little chapbooks, with the original illustrations. Sort of Agatha Christy crossed with Kung-Fu Theater. Great stuff, well worth checking out.

damn, Life Aquatic opened here on Friday- really want to check that out. Loved the old Cousteau show, love Wes Anderson, and so I am looking forward to this. I hope the film convinces PBS to start re-running the old 1970s series.