So it is a cold and nasty damp day here in the big city, so its a perfect time to blow off work, enjoy a coffee and a black and white, while updating the old blog.

This week I have been obsessing over my new computer that I assembled two nights ago, and am just about to the point of installing the OS. (I had to dig out my old install disk, and then call Microsoft to get them to reset the hardware authorization, since my new machine is only carrying over the floppy drive from the old one.) This has bout of technical creation has been confounded by a very busy work week, and the release of Halo 2, which is has been super addicting. Ah, well. When it rains it pours. The advantage of building your own machine is that it is suprising cheap, if you shop around for the parts. Unfortunately it also can get really expensive, since you, (well I did anyway) start obsessing about each part and being unable to sacrifice quality on the least little thing.

I am sure it is the exact same gene that makes men build hot rods in their garage. I am sure you could build a car pretty cheaply, but in a way, it is not about the finished product, but the experience of building it that is the important thing. And the experience is so much better if you are working with top quality materials. But again, the whole thing can balloon out of control if you don't use self control, like I did. For maybe the first day or so. yep, eating a lot of Ramen this month... sigh.