today, on this day, the gods smiled

Well, off there to the right, you can see a RSS icon now- finally set up a feed, per request.

Fantastic weather here in NYC, April and May (as well as October & November) almost makes up for the rest of the year. Long before I moved here, I remeber watching NYPD Blue, and being confused about the sunlight and trees they were showing in the city. Having never been there, I pretty much based my idea of it on 70s films and tv shows, and imagined it being perpeturally dark with light reflecting off of wet streets, as the subway rumbled by. Sort of like Dark City crossed with the French Connection.

In other news, I am finally moving forward with my long discussed plans to set up a letterpress here in Brooklyn. keep an eye out for updates on the Albatross Press, although there is little going on now, other then moving into the space, and gradually organizing. Should be cool though.

Also check out the Starbuck's Delocator, for in your area.