thusdays… i never could get the hang of thursdays

Saw a latino man driving a truck on the manhatten bridge this morning. I was riding the Q train as ususal, and when it goes over the bridge it is right next to the center lane of traffic. (the manahtten bridge is layed out a bit strange, as it was orginall envisioned as having 4 subway lines going over it, and 2 lanes of traffic. but this was before WWII, and the american love affair with the car happened. Now they have 4 lanes of traffic and 2 subway lines, in a rather strange configuration.)

Anyway, this guy was keeping pace with the train, and listening to something GOOD on the radio. he was totally jamming, and had a huge grin on his face, and really getting into the music- he was singing along, and waving his arms- probably not the safest thing to be doing on a bridge behind a . Could have been merenge, could have been hip-hop. no idea, except it was really punching his clock. It really kicked me out of my 9 am blahs. Quite infectious that.

So I have been noticing that I have little to no gadget lust for either the PSP or the Gameboy DS. Not sure why- maybe it is just wating till the right game showes up. Then again, I have not been interested palying any new games since H2 and WoW came out. so either there are just not that many innovative games out, (quite true) or its that I am burning out on the whole activity- and just need to focus on something else. Probably though about the time Katamari Damancy comes out on the PSP, I will feel the old lust again.