the feasts of june

Well, the project has mostly been put to bed, and I have my ticket for 2 weeks in sunny Saõ Paulo with my sweety. So I should be posting quite a bit more over the next fortnight. Also keep an eye on my flickr site, since I plan to post pics frequently. I will be down there during the Feasts of June, which seems to be when the Brazillians celebrate harvest... It seems to involve corn, hayrides, and girls wearing their hair in pigtails... out in the country anyway. I'll be in the city or down on the beach, but I will be curious to see if anything is going on.

in other new, my sister just pointed me to this nice article. Pretty dead on, and I would only add that everyone, I mean everyone, is a fanatic about something.

Erm. I havn't been writing alot lately since I don't have alot to comment on other then confidental work stuff, summer reruns, or odd things I have seen on the subway. (actually the last one usually works pretty good, but its so hard to tell what is really odd these days.)

I did spring for a new keyboard for my PC. It is quite the bomb, as they say. It is made by Unicomp in my hometown in Lexington, KY, not far from my old high school. Anyway, back in the day, they were a divion of IBM that made the classic PS/2 keyboard. When IBM spun off their printer division (also in Lexington) to become Lexmark, the keyboard division got cut lose too.

So anyway, my new keyboard is basically a brand new PS/2 keyboard, clacky keys and all. It so rocks to type on. And this sucker should last forever as long as I treat her right.