oy, bit of a backlog here

So a lot of things have been going on since my last post. Chief among those is the fact that while in Brazil I proposed to Lilia. Big news, and the fact that she is willing to swap hemispheres just to be with me is makes me feel lucky and humble. If all goes well she should be here this autumn, and we can start seeing about how to make this all work.

I didn’t want to blog about this before, since there were quite a few important people to tell, and I didn’t what them to hear about it via my blog before I had a chance to tell them in person. I think I told everyone, but if you are hearing about this for the first time here, sorry!

Hm. Well more on that in the weeks (months, decades…) ahead, so stay tuned.

Also about a week ago I went down to the Comicon to get all geeky, and see old friends from Oregon. It was a blast, and I ended up spending what little money I had after Brazil on books. Got to meet Lindsey, E’s new beaux. Scott + Janet were fun as always, and Mr. Matt (now a San Diego resident for 6 months) demonstrated a complete lack of local knowledge. Apparently he is not allowed out of his cubical for more then a few hours at at time over at the game company. Marion and John were running around in the indy comic zone. If Danny or Chad had been able to make it we would have had pretty much the whole crew back together. Well there is always next year.

Will add more as it comes to me.